Your amazing support means better nutrition for Tomasa and her family!

Thanks to your generosity Tomasa’s family is eating healthier food they are planting themselves. She used to plant only beans and corn, but now they are planting and eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including peppers, papaya, squash and spinach.

“My name is Tomasa del Socorro Loasisiga Diaz, I am 46 years old. In my house I live with my dad, my mom, my grandmother and four brothers, one of whom is disabled.

We have always dedicated ourselves to agriculture, we planted corn and beans but to cover our needs we also worked for other people so we could purchase sugar, oil, rice, peppers, tomatoes and other products we didn’t produce.

Our community has very little water, everything is very dry. My brothers have to walk 1 hour uphill to get to the place where we plant our corn and beans, for this reason our planting conditions have been very difficult and with the drought we have had for the last three years it has become even more difficult.

In our families our staples are beans, or gallo pinto (mixed rice and beans) with tortilla, cheese and a cup of coffee. If we had extra money we used to purchase a few tomatoes, at least once a week.

I have received 6 trainings thanks to CEPAD which have helped me to improve our plot, produce more and eat healthier food. We have seen a big difference in the way that we eat, our family is eating better products we are planting in our plot without chemicals.

This has allowed me to vary the food we eat because now I produce peppers, papaya, squash and spinach. It has also helped me to improve the diet of my brother who has challenges, who was malnourished. I have also learned how to prepare dishes using everything I produce….I feel very content and my family is excited about it.

Today with these trainings I feel very content and strengthened because now I can identify problems and diseases with our crops and I can produce nutritional food.”