You Changed Lives in 2016

We want to celebrate the successes that were made possible thanks to YOU in 2016! There are many families that are healthier, happier and living better lives thanks to your generosity. Here are a few of the important highlights that were made possible by you.

You’re Supporting Leaders: Building Infrastructure and Improving Lives

33 projects were funded and carried out by village leaders in 42 villages. You made 3 trainings possible in 2016 and now leaders have made strides in improving the conditions in their villages. These projects are making significant changes for village residents as they included

  • digging wells
  • installing latrines
  • improving roads
  • installing electricity

More projects are being solicited and carried out thanks to your support every single day!

You’re Giving a Voice: Youth Learning about Healthy Relationships

Nicaragua has one of the highest teen birth rates in Latin America. Thanks to your amazing support  hundreds of youth have participated in trainings and forums to learn about healthy relationships and the importance of education and stable relationships   prior to starting a family. These are topics that are often taboo, thank you for making this happen!

You’re Feeding Families: You Helped Teach Women Good Nutrition

Women in Matagalpa learned about creating products with high quality for their businesses and about financial education. 6 women received loans to invest in their businesses.

Women in all 41 villages where CEPAD works produced fruits and vegetables for their families and learning about the importance of good nutrition. They have harvested peppers, lettuce, squash, carrots onions and tomatoes. These family garden participants receive constant support and follow-up from CEPAD’s field staff.

To make more amazing things possible in 2017 please consider a donation right now! Click here to make a gift.