March 22 is International World Water Day! Part of CEPAD’s work is to provide safe drinking water and using water effectively in our farming techniques.

Safe drinking water can be difficult to get in rural communities and many families have to walk several miles each day to get this basic necessity. At CEPAD, we promote the need for clean water for everyone. Our Community Development Committees establish water filters in the communities to have safe drinking water, especially for children. Community leaders also work to dig trenches so freshwater from local rivers or springs can reach communities, making water more accessible to all.

Because of climate change, the dry seasons are hotter and longer while the rainy seasons are shorter and provide less and less rain each year, so using water efficiently and effectively is important for a good harvest. CEPAD promotes water conservation in our farming techniques through:

  • Water harvesting by storing rainwater in tanks to have it available during the dry seasons.
  • Infiltration trenches are dug between crops so water is used more efficiently across large areas of land.
  • Drip irrigation systems drip water slowly and directly to the crops’ roots to avoid evaporation, using water more efficiently.

We believe being good stewards of creation is part of our calling as Christians. Part of our goal in walking alongside rural communities is to help them pursue clean water and use water effectively in their crops to have a fruitful harvest.

Thank you for partnering with us to save and provide water in rural Nicaragua!