With CEPAD Computer Classes, Better Future Is A Click Away

Technology has been slow to reach rural areas of Nicaragua. So for five years, CEPAD’s Matagalpa office has provided affordable computer classes to students of all ages.

They can learn skills like word processing, how to use the internet, email, and spreadsheets. There are also advanced classes like computer maintenance. Hundreds of students have taken courses at the center to improve their chances of success in their studies and jobs.

“I couldn’t study computers in high school, and there aren’t any technology jobs in my community El Castillo, so I’m taking the class to be ready for university,” said Hellen Figueroa Escorsi. “ I want to study nursing, and I want to work to be able to help my family.”

The courses, which cost about $2 per class, are geared toward people with little previous exposure to computers and works within the needs of students who have to travel into Matagalpa for up to two hours to take the course.

“I really appreciate that the course is four hours on one day a week instead of every day, because I couldn’t be away from my family’s farm every day of the week, but I can come on Fridays,” said Cesar Sanchez.

CEPAD partner Delmar Reformed Church is bringing this opportunity to even more students. Thanks to their support, the Matagalpa center is offering a weekly computer class specifically for young people from El Castillo. Delmar provided $2,500 to cover transportation, food and the class itself for 22 students for 6 months. El Castillo leaders created an application process and is managing the funds. In partnership, Delmar, El Castillo and CEPAD are giving an amazing opportunity to 22 young people.

“We hope that the young people can gain more skills that will help them be successful either in their own community or wherever they decide to go,” said Peggy Becker from Delmar Reform Church. “Really, education is all about enabling choices so that the young people and all people in El Castillo can expand their economic opportunity.”

We are so thankful to Delmar and to every partner whose gifts make it possible to extend education to more students in Nicaragua. Your support directly translates to educational and job success for the students who take the course!