Types of Gifts

Thank you so much for supporting the people of Nicaragua with your generous giving. There are many ways you can give to make a difference for so many. If you have questions about anything below or about how to give to CEPAD USA please contact Emily Hewes at (207) 664-9202 or via email at emily@cepadusa.org. Thank you!

Planned Giving

Please consider including CEPAD USA in your will or estate plan. By providing for CEPAD USA in a will, a donor can make a substantial contribution without diminishing assets during one’s lifetime. Since bequests are deductible from an estate, there is also the potential for significant estate tax savings.If you plan on doing this or have already included CEPAD in your will please let us know!

Cash Gifts

Checks and credit card payments are an easy way to give. Tax benefits are available for such gifts when you itemize deductions on your income tax return. Cash donations allow you to eliminate tax on up to 50% of your adjusted gross income each year. Any amounts not deductible in the year of the gift can be carried over and bring you savings in as many as five future years. Be sure to keep acknowledgments and other records of your gifts to assure that you can use your deductions. This is especially important for gifts of $250 or more.

Another way to help ensure that programs are well funded is through monthly gifts. These are easy to set-up and can help us better budget and plan for programs. If you would like to automatically donate through your credit or debit card monthly to CEPAD, you can do that at www.cepadnica.org/donate  and choose “Monthly” on the Donate page under “Is this a one-time or a recurring gift?”.

Gifts of Securities

CEPAD USA will gratefully accept gifts of stock in support of CEPAD’s programs in Nicaragua. Gifts of securities  stocks, bonds, treasuries, and mutual funds that have increased in value can be a way to make meaningful gifts that result in maximum tax savings. When you give qualified property that you have owned for longer than one year, you are entitled to an income tax deduction for the full value of the asset, not just the amount you paid for it. And you will never have to pay the capital gains tax that would be due if you sold the asset. You may deduct gifts of appreciated assets each year in amounts totaling up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income and can use any excess deduction in as many as five future years.

CEPAD USA holds an account with Stock Donator, an online service that allows us to accept gifts of stock without paying costly brokerage fees. If you would like to donate stock please go to www.stockdonator.com to get started. If you have questions please contact Emily Hewes at (207) 664-9202.

Charitable IRA Rollover

A taxpayer age 70 ½ or older may roll over — directly transfer — up to $100,000 annually from his or her individual retirement account (IRA) for a qualified charitable distribution. The amount directly transferred will be excluded from the income of the taxpayer for federal income tax purposes. The amount directly transferred does not generate a charitable income tax deduction, but it does count toward the taxpayer’s minimum required distribution.

Giving a gift directly from your IRA can help reduce your tax burden because the funds are not counted as income and help you to meet your yearly Required Minimum Distribution.

Honor Gifts

Make a donation in honor or memory of someone while supporting CEPAD at the same time.

If you would like to make a donation in honor or memory of a family member or friend please just let us know at the time of your donation either by including a note with your check or making a note on your online donation (there is space provided when you make your donation.) If you would like a note sent to someone about the gift you have made please include the address and the name of the person who it should be sent to. We will happily send them a letter acknowledging your donation.