Make These Projects Happen in 2016!

Your support makes a huge difference in rural Nicaraguan villages. We still need support for the following programs in 2016, please consider making a gift to make these possible!

Training for Village Leaders $2,000

 Village leadership training is a very important piece of CEPAD’s work. This program  focuses on training village leaders to identify the biggest problems facing their community and then they learn how to write projects and grants to municipal leaders and other non-governmental organizations to fund projects to meet those needs. Once leaders are trained they focus on improvements on roads, potable water and expanding the electrical grid. Village leaders also try to get funding for building homes and latrines.

Your funding of this project would include support for the following:

  1. One national training for 43 village leaders for a total of $650
  2. One national training for 25 leaders on cooperatives for a total of $650
  3. Two meetings between 80 village leaders and municipal authorities: $ 700.00 ($350.00 each)

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Water Capture Systems for Year-Round Food Production $5,000

Farmers have traditionally relied on regular rainy periods of approximately 6 months of the year to grow their crops. With climate change the rainy periods have become less and less regular and Nicaragua has suffered through two years of severe drought. This has meant that farmers have had large crop losses which has directly affected their families as they rely on this food production to feed their families.

CEPAD has two water capture systems that function both to capture and store rainwater for farmers to use on their crops to help take advantage of the rain that does fall whether it be during the normal rainy season or during the dry season. These systems can mean the difference between families being able to produce sufficient food for themselves or going hungry.

These water capture systems are built using simple, yet appropriate technology for farmers in Nicaragua and involve two separate systems. The first is a manmade reservoir which is primarily used to capture rainwater and can be filled by water from a well or from the second type of water capture system, a rainwater barrel for water collection from the roof.

Your funding for this project would provide:

  1. Staff salaries and travel for oversight and execution of the project $1,640
  2. Materials for building 28 water reservoirs $3,360 ($120 each)

Ensuring Food Security and Healthy Eating for Families $5,000

Access to healthy food for good nutrition, like fruits and vegetables is a challenge for most families because they often don’t grow them themselves and don’t have sufficient money to purchase them outside their home. CEPAD trains women in how to create a garden in their patios, right in the space they have available next to their homes. These gardens help to provide families with the proper nutrition needed for a healthy diet and add much needed vitamins and minerals into their diets. Each woman receives training in how to create and manage their garden as well as seeds to grow 9 different types of fruits and vegetables including, squash, melon, watermelon, cucumber, tomato and green pepper.

Your funding of this project would include the following:

  1. Trainings for 35 women in making small gardens in their patios, total $ 1,900.00 ($633.00 each)
  2. Opportunities to exchange experiences among participants $1,000.00 ($250.00 each)
  3. Seeds for 35 women to create their patio gardens $ 1,050.00 ($30.00 each)
  4. Tools for women to work gardens (for fences, tools, etc.) for 35 women, total $ 1,050.00 ($30.00 each)

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Support for Small Farmers $3,500

Small Nicaraguan farmers struggle to overcome the challenges of poor soil, little or no knowledge of sustainable agriculture techniques and increasingly the effects of global climate change. They also plant basic, but traditional crops such as corn, beans and sorghum. CEPAD gives farmers the tools to improve their soil and use sustainable and organic inputs to improve their yields to have more food for their families. Farmers also receive fruits and vegetable seeds and plants to diversify their crops and provide improved nutrition for their families.

In 2015 CEPAD added community nurseries to this program which helps farmers to establish a plant nursery that will benefit both their own farms and others in their community who will receive plants from these nurseries.

Your funding of this project would include support for the following:

  1. 8 farmers with educational materials to learn how to diversify their crops and produce healthy foods for their families. Total $963, ($120.37 each)
  2.  Seeds to strengthen 7 community plant nurseries (1 per community), for a total of $2,537.00 ($ 362.42 each)

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