• Sustainable Community Development

    The Sustainable Community Development program is the main focus of CEPAD’s work. Through this program CEPAD partners with rural Nicaraguan villages for 5 years of training which focuses on supporting the community in the areas that they identify as most important for their development. The work focuses on finding local solutions to local needs.

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  • Primary and Secondary Education

    CEPAD runs a primary and secondary school in Leon, Nicaragua, The Marcos Mendieta School. This school provides both regular and weekend classes for students to help them excel and graduate in a country where only a very small percentage of students ever reach the sixth grade.

  • Radio CEPAD

    Radio CEPAD offers a daily broadcast of news, sports, interviews, biblical study and reflection that reaches almost the entire Pacific region of Nicaragua. Its programming speaks in favor of the poorest and most vulnerable members of the population and emphasizes gender equality, care for the environment, human rights and community action. The station broadcasts on the AM dial from 5 am to 6 pm and online at

  • Refugee Support

    CEPAD partners with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees to provide legal assistance and material support to vulnerable individuals and families in the process of integration. Most refugees come to Nicaragua from our neighbors Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to escape drug and gang violence. The number of refugees to Nicaragua continues to rise, and CEPAD is proud to support the U.N.’s efforts to provide families with new beginnings.

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