Evenor Jerez, CEPAD Programs Director.

Our Staff – Evenor Jerez

We want you to meet our staff! Though you may know some of them, or have met them if you’ve visited, we want to share more about them and what they do for CEPAD.

Evenor Jerez is our Programs Director who oversees our program managers and how everything is going in our regional offices. “I call our regional offices to see how they are doing and give advice on any questions about the programs to provide support.” Evenor also helps lead our weekly staff devotionals by asking questions to prompt a discussion on the Biblical passage we read. One June 15, Evenor will complete 47 years of working with CEPAD.

He chose to work with CEPAD, because it was a Christian option to help others in Nicaragua. The skills of people in rural communities are increased so they can create a better life for themselves. “My favorite thing about working with CEPAD is planning and evaluating the projects to empower others.”

Evenor is always ready to lead and listen in every aspect of his work and encourages CEPAD staff to pursue greatness as we strive to empower communities. Even after almost 47 years of service, he continues to be passionate about CEPAD’s mission and is always eager to share that with others. We are thankful for him and all he brings to our team!