Emily Reyes, CEPAD Financial Administrative Director. (c) AMOS Trust

Our Staff – Emily Reyes

We want you to meet our staff! Though you may know some of them or have met them in person if you’ve visited, we want to share more about them and what they do for CEPAD.

Emily Reyes is our Financial Administrative Director, but started working with CEPAD at the Radio as an administrative assistant. After 7 years, there was a position open in our central offices in the accounting department. She applied ad became our Financial Administrative Director 3 years ago.

Emily has many responsibilities, some of which include: coordinating funds with RadioCEPAD and our delegations office, overseeing bank transactions, signing checks, meeting with the program managers and director, and coordinating funds to our regional offices.

She was drawn to CEPAD because of its upstanding history and the wonderful staff. “In my opinion, in the 46 years CEPAD has been working, they’ve completed all aspects of their mission. Not only that, but they’ve completed it with Biblical principles and being distinct from other NGO’s. Everyone that has worked at CEPAD has tried to carry out this mission. I’m grateful for the infectious happiness of my team. Between everyone, we get the work done efficiently and stress-free.”

Emily invites you to be part of our work! “Continue working and supporting CEPAD. Come see the work that we do in the communities through different projects. Please continue your prayers, donations, and visits.”

Thank you, Emily, for your hard work and how you support our CEPAD team!