Emily Hewes, Director of Development for CEPAD USA, visits with a few of our Nicaraguan partners at our 2019 International Encounter.

Our Staff – Emily Hewes

We want you to meet our staff! Though you may know some of them, or have met them if you’ve visited, we want to share more about them and what they do for CEPAD.

Emily Hewes is the Director of Development for CEPAD USA, lives in Maine, and works to communicate with donors. She first started working with us in 2012 after the PCUSA mission co-workers at the time, Carl Agsten and Leslie Clay, approached her about working with CEPAD from the U.S. She agreed to join our team, because she’s passionate about CEPAD’s work. “I really feel very inspired by CEPAD’s mission. Each time I visit Nicaragua and the rural villages, I get the chance to talk to people who benefit from the work our donors support and it is so inspiring! I hear about true change and people who are so grateful for the opportunities that they have been given and how the trainings have changed their lives.”

Emily regularly works on communicating with donors and growing the support system for CEPAD in the U.S. “I have the pleasure and great honor of talking to our donors on a regular basis. I always try to communicate how grateful we are for the amazing changes they are making possible in Nicaragua and that the work is not possible without their generosity.”

Emily shares what her favorite part about working with CEPAD is. “Feeling like my work has impact on lives in Nicaragua and working with my colleagues and donors who have the same goals to change the world.”

Thank you, Emily, for continuing to connect with and encourage donors in the U.S. You are passionate about what you do and express so well what CEPAD is doing in Nicaragua. We could not continue this work without you!