Denis García, CEPAD’s Food Security Program Manager

Our Staff – Denis García

We want you to meet our staff! Though you may know some of them or have met them if you’ve visited, we want to share more about them and what they do for CEPAD.

Denis García is our Food Security and Care for the Environment Program Manager. He analyzes data and creates reports for different organization that support CEPAD. Denis oversees and supports our regional offices as they provide workshops and teach rural Nicaraguan farmers in the communities where we work. 

Denis has worked with CEPAD for 28 years and began because there was a need for an agronomist. He had a sense of the needs of small farmers, and had the leadership skills to support the program. He has stayed with CEPAD because, “We are a Christian organization that follows the call of God to accompany and serve the poor through development.”

We are thankful to have such a passionate agronomist leading this program. Denis shares his favorite part about working with CEPAD. “I enjoy being in the middle of serving and guaranteeing development for these families. Sharing with and accompanying them in the communities, at their parcels of land, to support these farmers every day and learn from them.”

Thank you, Denis, for your guidance and support of rural farmers across Nicaragua!