Ariel Luna, CEPAD’s Social Technician for Teustepe. Photo courtesy of (c) AMOS Trust.

Our Staff – Ariel Luna

We want you to meet our staff! Though you may know some of them, or have met them if you’ve visited, we want to share more about them and what they do for CEPAD.

Ariel Luna is the social technician in the Teustepe region. He executes workshops, visits the communities in Teustepe, and makes sure members of the community feel supported through CEPAD’s programs. As a social technician, Ariel is on the “front lines” of CEPAD’s work.

Ariel first worked with CEPAD as a beneficiary in the community of El Nacascolo San Jose de los Remates from 2008 – 2014. He was involved as a producer and learned how to better farm his land.

Two years ago, he was in the city of Teustepe and found out that CEPAD had an open position. After interviewing and being hired, Ariel continues to enjoy being part of our team. “I like that CEPAD works with love, respect, and care while upholding Christian principles and values.”

He is a very important member of our team, and uses what he learned as a beneficiary to help others. “I used to share a piece of land with my parents that I helped farm, and now I share the knowledge I gained from CEPAD with women of the Family Gardening Program.”

Thank you for all you do, Ariel! We are thankful for how you walk alongside communities in Teustepe and the passion you have for your work.