This Christmas I want to invite you into a special place, the home of Mirna Espinoza. I want you to come and sit at her table and listen to her story.

As you step into Mirna’s house you will see dirt floors, a curtain covering a doorway where the whole family sleeps and a makeshift kitchen with chickens pecking at the dirt.

Mirna is the mother of three children. She and her husband try to make sure their children have enough to eat every day, that they can study, that they can afford medicines they need, but it isn’t always easy.

Mirna’s husband is a worker on local farms. There are days when he can find enough work but there are days or weeks when he can’t find any work at all. Mirna would love to help but she has never had a job before, she has always been in charge of watching the children, cleaning the house and cooking their meals.

They are constantly worrying if they will have enough money to buy food every day.

In 2019 Mirna will have the opportunity to do something she has always wanted, to learn how to make crafts she can produce and sell in her rural village.

Will you give a gift to Mirna this Christmas? If you can give $61.75 you will pay for 1 training in 2019.

Donate now!

With this training she will be able to make decorative items that are used in celebrations and community festivities, items she knows will sell well in her rural village.

Your gift will help Mirna and will mean change for her whole family.

I wanted to share Mirna’s own words with you so you can learn about her goals and hopes for her family. If you can give right now you will help make this happen for her and and other women in Nicaragua. 

“My name is Mirna Espinoza.

I earned a high school degree but it has been hard to find a job to support my family.

I want to prepare my children with education so they can have a better future and look for alternatives to obtain income to provide food for our family.

One of our biggest challenges has been not having many economic resources to attend to the health of my family as well as my own health. In the hospital they only give us the prescription and basic medications that don’t help to actually fight any illness. There is medication that they don’t have and we have to buy it.

I need to refine my knowledge, learn how to make new pieces so I can strengthen my knowledge. It will help me because I can learn new things to offer in the market and that way I can obtain more money for my family.

My dream is to be a businesswoman so I can support myself.”

Thank you for considering a gift to support women like Mirna. You can give here and designate your gift to Women’s Craft Training if you would like.