Meet Our Volunteers: Ian and Jhan Vallenca

Jhan and Ian Vallenca recently joined CEPAD’s team as Mission Co-Workers through the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA). Jhan is from the Dominican Republic and Ian is from California, but they met while they were both pursuing a Masters in Divinity at San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Jhan and Ian will be working with CEPAD for at least three and a half years connecting churches in the United States with CEPAD’s work in Nicaragua and helping with the development of these relationships.

Ian shares why they wanted to work with CEPAD. “We like the fact that the work has to do with communities and individuals in development – helping people develop their own resources to become self-sustainable.” They also appreciate how CEPAD is such a long-standing organization that changed their vision and goal from emergency relief to community development after the 1972 earthquake.

Jhan shares what they are looking forward to while working with CEPAD. “I’m excited to get to know the people and communities CEPAD works with and connecting people from the United States with people here in Nicaragua. It’s not just about connecting people with a need and people who are willing to help; it’s about connecting on a whole different level, sharing and learning from each other.”

We are so excited to have them with us in Managua and look forward to working with them!