Meet our Volunteers: Millie Rose

Millie Rose has been working with CEPAD for the past four months during her gap year before she returns to England to attend Portsmoth University to study international development. She has worked with the volunteer office visiting many of CEPAD’s partner communities and attending trainings.

Millie first visited Nicaragua in 2015 for two weeks to work with CEPAD through Amos Trust, one of CEPAD’s partners in the UK, but she wanted to return. “I really enjoyed the work CEPAD was doing and wanted to come back to volunteer for a longer period of time.”

Her favorite thing about working with CEPAD has been visiting the communities and getting to interact with local Nicaraguans while she gets to experience first-hand what CEPAD is doing and hear incredible stories of transformation.

Millie has learned and experienced many cultural differences from her home in Cambridge, England, as well as what it really means to invest in a community’s development. “I’ve learned that emergency response and giving away money and resources can actually be detrimental to a community as it creates a dependent relationship. It’s really important to understand the communities, cultures, and situations to provide in-depth development. CEPAD is very extensive in what they do and it really shows.”

She will be returning to England at the beginning of February and her bright presence will be missed around the office and in the communities. Thank you for all you have helped us with, Millie, and blessings to you in your studies – we hope you come back to visit!