Letters to the President of Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been in a state of civil unrest since April 29, 2018 when the government of Daniel Ortega tried to change laws around social security in the country. 

The principal cause for the unrest began when the government of Daniel Ortega tried to push through reforms to the country’s social security system which would have resulted in workers and employees paying more and those who are retired receiving less. The country erupted in peaceful protest. Unfortunately, that protest was met with extreme repression from the government. 

Now, nearly two months later things have gotten worse. There was an attempt at a national dialogue that was moderated by the Catholic church in Nicaragua but it was cancelled because the moderators said there was no progress being made. 

More than 100 people have been killed and hundreds have been injured. Many fear leaving their homes as there are groups of armed militants rounding up people and putting them in jail or worse. 

CEPAD’s work has continued in the rural villages, the most affected areas are in the major cities. There are some places where CEPAD staff are unable to reach the villages because of roadblocks but they continue to connect with leaders and beneficiaries over the phone. 

One of the ways CEPAD has been a witness to this situation is by writing letters to the Nicaraguan government, asking them to investigate the deaths and restore peace to the country. We have also asked organizations and denominations to join us in this effort. 

Below are three letters that have been written and sent to the government of Daniel Ortega. One by CEPAD, one by the American Baptist Churches USA and one by AMOS Trust.

Letter from CEPAD

Letter from the American Baptist Churches USA
Letter from AMOS Trust