Isidria’s Family is Thriving, Thanks to You

Isidria is a mother of four children who lives about an hour outside of Managua. Thanks to your support she is now better supporting her family through craft training and a family garden she has planted. Despite higher food prices because of the crisis she has hope and is able to feed her family with the sale of crafts and the produce from their garden.

Isidria is a mother of four and lives in the municipality of San Francisco Libre, about an hour from the capital of Managua.

In 2014 Isidria was invited by village leaders to take part in CEPAD’s programs, she was chosen to be part of two different programs, the Women’s Garden Program and the Women’s Work Training program.

Isidria expresses her gratitude for learning things that she had never had the opportunity to learn before:

“I have always liked making crafts but I had never had the opportunity to learn how to make them. Sometimes I would try to make flower wreaths to take to put on the graves of family members but I never had what I needed….I also didn’t have anyone who could guide me so it made it difficult for me to make these products. Now that I have received training from CEPAD I have the knowledge and some tools and materials that the organization has given me to make these products.”

With the crisis in Nicaragua Isidria shared that they are unable to travel to the bigger cities to purchase food, they have had to rely on purchasing from small stores where prices are often higher.

For Isidria and her family your support of CEPAD’s programs has been so important, especially during this difficult time. With the sales of her crafts they have been able to purchase food and with the produce from their garden, squash, green pepper, melon, watermelon tomatoes and radish, they are able to survive.

When Isidria was asked why donors like you should continue to support CEPAD’s work she said, “It is an organization that helps organize and provide training so we can improve our lives and continue applying this knowledge, even when they leave our villages.”

Thank you for the great legacy you are leaving to the families of Nicaragua.