Mario Aguilar Castro is a member of the Community Development Committee leading his  village of Ocotal. He is also a selectman in the local government, and shares that through CEPAD’s training he has better been able to serve his community and others in his region.

Below Mario talks about the success Ocotal had with a water project that brought clean water for 91 families! Approximately 1/3 of Nicaraguans lack access to clean water. Your support for leadership training made this project possible, thank you!

CEPAD Report: What project is the community working on? 

Mario: “We are working on a closed capture water project to bring clean water and sanitation and water meters to benefit 91 families in the community of Ocotal, Matagalpa.”

CR: “Why was it important for the community to do this project?

Mario: “Due to the population increase the community was experiencing a scarcity of potable water and they were drinking out of unclean wells and rivers.”

CR: What did you have to do to get this project done?

Mario: “First we organized ourselves as a village. There were exchanges with other communities that have done similar projects. We worked with organizations that support these types of projects like PRODESSA and Agua para la Vida. They worked to find a donor in the United States that visited the village and collaborated to make the project happen. The cost of the project was $72,000 dollars and our village has provided labor, logistics and food, which has a value of approximately $2,650.”

CR: What is the difference now that the project has been finished?

 Mario: “It’s visible. Now there is no problem with access to clean water. The families are saving more due to the installation of water meters and it helps to raise consciousness about the good use of the same [water]. The families are consuming clean water and are avoiding illnesses due to the water being exposed to the air.”

CR: What message would you give to donors who have made the trainings possible?

Mario: “I want to give infinite thanks to the donors that have made possible the development of our community. I want them to know it is not an expense, rather it is an investment and the results are successful for the community organizations that support [villages] with small and large projects and provide accompaniment to the families.”

You can make this incredible change possible for other families in Nicaragua with your gift, thank you!