CEPAD Serves Hundreds of Families in Earthquake Aftermath

April’s earthquakes were the strongest in more than 40 years and devastated the livelihoods of hundreds of families. CEPAD, in partnership with the ACT Alliance, provided 480 food and supplies packets of 90 pounds each and hosted workshops for 400 people experiencing negative emotional impacts from the quakes. The program was based in the small city of Mateare, which experienced some of the strongest impact from the largest of the earthquakes.

ACT Alliance provided the $26,048 needed to finance the projects. The packets were distributed over three months to reach people in the immediate aftermath of the disaster and help them get back on their feet. The emotional care work was also vital — an event like April’s earthquakes has the potential to leave families feeling hopeless, and our trained staff worked with individuals and groups to help them recover from the trauma and begin to rebuild their lives. A committee of 105 pastors decided who would receive the care.

Throughout our 40 year history, CEPAD has worked to respond to all disasters that affect Nicaragua — from our founding in the wake of the ’72 earthquake to Hurricane Mitch to today. Thank you for your continued support of CEPAD and your love for Nicaragua.