2019 International Encounter

Women Empowering Women

Excitement was in the air as women from across the country gathered at our central office in Managua to attend a two day craft training. Together, we learned how to make different styles of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Through songs, prayers, and laughter, we wove bracelets while weaving brighter futures. Women in Nicaragua are the […]

Thank you from CEPAD staff!

2019 Budget and Financials

Why I Support CEPAD

Why I Support CEPAD Arlayne Knox shares why she supports CEPAD. I first learned about CEPAD in 1984, on a Presbyterian Mission Study trip to Central America. My church (University Presbyterian, Fairbanks, Alaska) sent me with money to use where I saw the need. It was during the Iran-Contra Affair and we visited a displaced […]

Transformation From Helplessness to Sustainable Change

Chris Rose, Director of AMOS Trust, a UK based organization that supports CEPAD, shares the impact they have seen over 5 years of support of a group of 7 villages and why they have committed to supporting another group of 7 villages for 5 more years. People in the UK are surprised when they hear […]

You are Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

You are Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Ebelín is a mother and community leader in the village of La Providencia. Before your support for her training, she was shy and mostly stayed in her home with her family. She is now helping her community by improving the roads and transforming empty land into gardens. They have recently solicited […]

Meet Our Volunteers

Jhan and Ian Vallenca recently joined CEPAD’s team as Mission Co-Workers through the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA). Jhan is from the Dominican Republic and Ian is from California, but they met while they were both pursuing a Masters in Divinity at San Francisco Theological Seminary. Jhan and Ian will be working with CEPAD for at […]