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Una nube de testigos: Reflexiones del encuentro internacional del CEPAD 2015

Para tratar la pobreza, tenemos que discutir acerca de ella. Las brechas son tan altas para millones de personas Nicaragüenses a quienes no podemos cubrir las necesidades básicas. Nosotros recordamos las formas en que experimentamos pobreza espiritual y también en las relaciones. Por unos pocos días en Managua, 75 compañeros de comunidades rurales de Nicaragua, […]

CEPAD Partners Create A Great Cloud Of Witnesses

This month, welcomed 56 partners from Nicaragua, the U.S. and Canada to Managua for the International Encounter. This event, which we host every two to three years, is a chance for those partnerships with longterm commitments between individual international churches/organizations and individual Nicaraguan communities/associations to reconnect, share with other partners and learn more about CEPAD. […]

You Made Miracles Happen in Santa Maria!

It’s hard to remember quite how tough things were in Santa Maria five years ago, said community leader Antonio Hernandez. They lacked electricity and water, and the condition of the road made it impossible for vehicles like ambulances to enter. Life is different now. When CEPAD arrived in Santa Maria, they formed a Community Development […]

Santa Fe Dreams Big with CEPAD

In Santa Fe, Nueva Guinea, community leaders wiggle with anticipation. They are just beginning a five-year process of accompaniment with CEPAD. They’re not quite sure what to expect, but they are ready to push the opportunity to its fullest. They are now organized into the four different areas: Strengthening Families, Sustainable Community Organization, Food Security […]

News Roundup: The Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal

As news of the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal begins to get more international attention, we know it can be difficult to keep up with every update. Between conflicting environmental reports, news of protests, and potentially positive indicators about the economy, there is much news to follow. And, soon we’ll have more information for you on how […]

WE’RE HIRING! CEPAD Is Seeking A Communications Intern

The position offers a truly transformative experience with opportunities to contribute to many areas of CEPAD’s work and build deep relationships with people all over Nicaragua. It’s a one of a kind opportunity for a young person with strong English writing skills who is in Nicaragua looking for a great job or someone who is interested in coming and who wants to do some volunteer-type work outside of a formal volunteer organizational structure.

Emergency Drought Plan Offers Relief to Parched Farms

After a year of record-breaking drought, CEPAD and our partners ACT Alliance and Episcopal Relief and Development have taken further steps to help Nicaraguan farmers who lost crops and are struggling to feed their families. “We haven’t had a good harvest in two years, and we couldn’t have survived without CEPAD,” said Hermelinda Urbina of […]

All of This is in the Reach of Our Hands

Over a hot, humid, rainy week in Nicaragua recently, I spent some time with our partner there, the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD). This was my third visit to see their work, and I’ve written in previous years about the amazing mega-gardens that small farmers have created around their homes.

Leon High School Celebrates 36 Graduates

“We feel proud to be presenting 36 new graduates to the community of Leon,” said María Cristina Espinoza, the institute’s principal, during the graduation ceremony. “We hope you will join us in the honor of helping them continue in their development and education.”